dealsphilips fidelio speaker system for most android…


I have one, it works great. The only thing that's a bummer is that since I have a RAZR, the plugs are on the top and the screen doesn't flip over when plugging it in. I guess there's an app to flip it completely over but its manual operation. All other phones with ports on the side or bottom will work fine with it. And the cool part is you can unplug the phone from it and since its Bluetooth the music keeps on playing. Oh also it works on batteries alone but won't charge your phone when on batteries, you have to use the AC adapter to use the charger feature.


@barrywilliams991: Cowboom item description says "new". It is NIB. I have bought other "new" items from them before and they all came brand new in box (no returns).


The one from Cowboom is a customer return. I have had pretty good luck with the 3 items I purchased from them. Kept 2 and no hassle return for one.


This is a great deal, finally a speaker system for all us non-sheeple users!

FYI - It's $80 on Amazon.