dealscompletely free for this weekend only, from…


Looks like the site is having problems.


@mattbunn: Working for me right now. Might be getting pounded because of the free offer, so keep trying. :-)


@brossow: Agreed - they're getting pounded.

This same deal is listed on other deal-aggregator sites as well, so the target site is getting a lot of attention today.

It was slow to respond and I had to reload a couple of pages, but I was able to download it without any problems. In fact, the actual download itself was not slow once I got it started.


Pain in the rear-end to download because of all the traffic.

After downloading does not want to run on VHP SP2. Ate up all the memory on WIN7HP.

Uninstalled from both machines and surprise all is good again. Nice offering but EPIC FAIL in my opinion.


@area51groundzero: That sucks. I've been using the free version on XP for several years without complaint. :-(


Doesn't list Win 7 compatible :(