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I've gotten several pairs of glasses from these folks, and I love 'em. The ONLY issue I've ever had is needing to find someone to adjust them properly, and that's just something that you have to do with any new pair of glasses.


Personally my prescription has always come back funny from these guys. I blame this on having a prism in my lenses. So I take advantage of G4U by buying the glasses and taking them to my local shop who removes the lenses and refits them with new glass. That way I can get a new frame for less than $20 instead of the $200 that many places charge.


Web site totally sucks. Go to costco and get 3 pairs for $18.


I've ordered 14 pairs from $6.99 for a pair, sometimes they have a buy two get one free sale. MUCH better than the other sites I've tried. Less than 3 weeks from order to receipt, great quality. On their site I tried to order a pair that was too big for my pupil distance, and they contacted me and told me they were not suitable. The other sites just sent me off a pair that I couldn't see well out of. They also offer progressive and tinted, so I have a couple of pairs of sunglasses as well.


I've been waiting for them to go back on sale, I'm IN for one because I love my previous pair.


I've been pleased with but usually wait for the BOGO deal. The secret is they don't verify prescriptions. As long as I still see fine with my current pair I enter my old rx. Not recommending this for children.


Goggles4U...Just say no.
It's worth triple the cost just to not deal with the staggering array of issues you will encounter upon trying to successfully purchase what you require.

Any options requested at ALL will throw them completely. They will try to make it right, and they will give you free stuff for the trouble, but that stuff will too be like dollar store reading glasses quality, and it's just best avoided in my opinion.


I thought I'd give them a try. Never again.

The frames were not the ones I ordered which is the biggest problem.
The prescription doesn't feel right.
AND the nose-pieces are filthy which makes it look as though these were used frames? Ew.

Complete waste of money but a good lesson learned.

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