dealsrei-brooks vapor-dry gloves for $9.93


Hmm... The link didn't work for me. Try the one below if you're interested in the product. Standard shipping on these appears to be $5.99 according to their shipping chart. For winter running, I use gloves very similar to these I got from Academy several years ago.


@hobbit: SweetPea, think link is broken, but @flyswatter found them in the outlet section. I would be all over these if they cam in a small size.
My dream pair of running gloves would have a windbreak along the back of the fingers and hand and a some way to just exposure my "trigger" fingers so I would have more dexterity to fiddle with my ipod.

@flyswatter: I have an Academy Sports place being built near me. Never been in one. How are they price wise? Please tell me they're just not another Sports Authority.


@lavikinga: Academy has great everyday prices, especially compared to Sports Authority. And they have about the same selection (Nike, Addidas, Moving Comfort, etc.) as Sports Authority for clothing. I usually shop Academy first when I'm looking for new "regular" athletic wear. I hit up the locally owned running stores for more specialized running gear (Brooks, New Balance, etc.) For camping gear, you won't find REI quality stuff at Academy; you'll see the same type of gear that you would expect to see at Sports Authority, Walmart, or Target.