dealsrefurbished: roku 2 xs 1080p hd streaming media…


Just a heads up, this version has both WiFi and an ethernet port. It also have an sD card slot to increase storage capacity (if you're into that) and a USB port which allows you to play your own movies through. It was also the first Roku to use Bluetooth remotes instead of IR!

EXCELLENT deal here.


I have one of these and absolutely love it! You seriously can't go wrong.


I grabbed this device with a second remote for $5 more 5 days ago. So far Newegg's "free 2 day shipping" is a fail. The order didn't ship for at least 2 days and tracking is unclear on when it may be delivered.


I got one several weeks ago for fifteen bucks more and don't regret it. It's the previous model, but it has an Ethernet port, and the bluetooth remote means I don't need to have one more thing with a light peeking out from my stack of A/V gear.


Good deal - although I "upgraded" to their kit with 2 remotes and a 6ft HDMI cable included for about $10 more.


I bought one of these for my girlfriend from Woot at the last sale (The Roku 2 XD one). I bought one for myself a week later! Honestly, just set up plex media server on your computer and you literally create your own Netflix library! It's wonderful! I LOVE MINE. Roku for the holidays!