deals24 pack - slim anti-slip velvet hangers for $7.99


I don't know if these are nice ones or not but I remember looking at some in a b&m store somewhere a while back ---maybe Dollar Tree?---and the velvety stuff came right off in your hand, so it would also be all over your clothes and before long your clothes would be a mess and your hangers would be right back to being plain old naked hangers.


@donslin: I couldn't determine whether any of the similar items posted on [Amazon]( Anti-Slip Velvet Hangers) were these, but I just went over and read the reviews on all of those and couldn't find that particular complaint. Almost all of the low ratings over there were because some of those broke easily. Overall, the ratings there were high. I wish I could locate reviews of this particular brand to post.


@belyndag: I agree, they do break easily. I have never had a problem with the velvet coming off and we have a ton of these. I usually buy them on sale so at this price they are disposable. When they break I toss them and don't feel bad.