deals5 quart bottle of g-oil 5w-30 bio-synthetic motor…


No info on the oil, but this should be noted: when it comes out of your engine it will be toxic, partly from mixing with old engine oil, and partly from gasoline combustion byproducts.


"Non-toxic and has a hazard rating of 0
Safe for people, wildlife and plants"

Yep, this is true. I pour this over my pancakes at breakfast every day, and I've had no problems so far. It's not as tasty as Mrs. Butterworth's, though.


I think that the taste is too bitter. However, when I drizzle it on my dogs food bowls, they go nuts.


I have to wonder why they use cow fat, when pig fat would be at least as plentiful and makes a better lubricant (at least for cooking).


I use synthetic oil. How will this react with that? Can this possibly be as good for your car? I still have 5 qts of the G oil synthetic from the rebate deal a few months ago.

@tesla33: I guess your saying I can't dump it in the gutter after an oil change rather than hiking it down to the hazardous waste dump?


I've used this in my '02 Impala for 4 oil changes now, works fine for me. I'm not a mechanic or oil guy, so I can't speak to "interaction" with other oil, synthetic or otherwise - but it is certified and graded by the same agencies as any other motor oil.

Can't speak to the use on breakfast foods though :-)


Hazardous waste dump? Unnecessary. Any place that sells oil(auto parts store or oil change place) has to accept your used oil. You pay an oil recycling fee when you buy it, hence the rule. Used oil- in large volume, of course- sells, so most places are happy to take it.


Can you just peel the upc label off or do you have to cut the container? I want to get this, but I changed my oil 1000 miles ago...


You can just peel the UPC label off the container. I use a flat razor blade, just like peeling a label from glass or plastic. I have a few of the jugs sitting in the garage w/o UPS labels right now.

Our local city recycle yard has a receptacle to deposit used motor oil. They sell it in bulk to a recycler. Just about any oil change place would take it also, they make money from used oil.

I take my oil and an oil filter (I got some Fram filters cheap with rebate from Walmart a while ago while picking up a jug of this oil) to a local oil change place - Woodman's grocery stores have them in a front lot - and they'll change the oil using my filter and oil for $10. Not all oil change places will do this, but some do.


Am I the only one to NOT have gotten their rebate? 11 weeks now...