dealsblack (almost) triangle cowbell ▲ for $3.39


@joelp77440: We play that clip of Walken on every third down play. It never helps.

We must not have enough cowbell.


the reviews on Amazon indicate this isn't a cow bell as much as it is a toy that looks like a cow bell.


We're allowed to use naughty words in deal posts now?


I got a FEVER! And the only MORE COWBELL


These are very fitting. Here at New Mexico State we're a land-grant university with a heavy emphasis in agriculture and engineering. We've been playing football since the 1800's, and in 1960 went 11-0 under Hall of Famer Warren Woodson.

But, since the University forced Woodson to retire at 65 we've suffered the "Woodson Curse" and have never been back to a bowl game.

Being an Aggie school, cowbells are big on 3rd down plays. These black cowbells are perfect, because our chances of stopping anyone on 3rd down are pretty bleak.


How is this a deal? This is the normal price and shipping is not free.


What is the meaning of the Black Triangle thing? Supportings Nazis or Lesbians?

And this is the third Cowbell on woot, Blue Oyster Cult reverence?


@hookhams: I don't know how to break this to you... but......

you just... you dont have a black triangle


What's the deal with a triangle cowbell? :p