dealsvibram fivefingers – save 50% off retail


I'm interested in the product, but the fact I can't even browse without forking over some info makes me distrust it.


For mens, there's only 3 styles/colors to choose from, for this sale. The only thing signing in will get you is to let you know if they have your size in stock.


@etaanaru: you can always just enter a fake email and info. the time it took for you to write this disgruntlement you could of seen it all. It's an exclusive members-only site, but membership is free.
If they let you see the deals without joining then they would have to kill you, so you got it easy! :)
No need to worry as they are a legit company, as I have ordered from then dozens of times, and never had a problem. Your info is safe with them.

It is a flash sale type website that sells great brand name products for sometimes less than half of retail! *The trick with this website is to sign up for their daily emails and keep an eye out for what you're looking for. *

You can save 10% off first orders by downloading the iphone app or chrome extension located at the bottom right of any page on the site.

This is my favorite model they sell


I own two pairs of vibram, the KSO and the Bikila. My favorite is the Bikila and I paid way more for them. They are a great minimalist shoe but still offer a good amount of protection.

The biggest side effect for me has been the strengthening of my ankles. I have saved myself from a ton of rolled ankles the past few years, I think due to my awareness gleaned from wearing these shoes often.


I own the Bikila model and paid about $100 for them. They are a good shoe, but I hardly wear them anymore because of my toenails. For whatever reason, I can't get the toenail on my right little toe short enough to not grab on longer runs. Basically, I either lose that toenail or it's black, blue, and sore for a week or so.

Make sure you look at the sizing instructions because these don't fit like regular shoes.


Fit410, I think I just got us both $10.

I like that site better than SAC since out has a bunch of deals you can look at at the same time, instead of randomly popping on to find something y you want.


@jcmelton: There are a couple companies out there making socks with digit enclosures. Perhaps some of those would help.


I love my Bikilas. Excellent for running in.


@discountlover, @jcmelton: FWIW, I've found Injinji's toe socks to be excellent quality.


I agree with JCMelton: I don't own a pair but my son has several. He said they don't fit like regular shoes so the sizing is different. He goes to a store that sells them, tries them on for proper fit, THEN orders them at a discount.


@fit410s: So... you work for them. Gotcha.


Not sure I'm ready to run in these....but has anyone tried to use them as watershoes? Do they hold up?


@brdunkle: I have the KSO TrekSport(all black) and they've been great for everything I've used them in: Running, hiking(though not as good as dedicated hiking gear, imo), watersports(wakeboarding, jetski, seadoo) and Crossfit stuff.


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If I don't feel like signing up will anyone tell me if they have size 42 available?