deals300 lumen mini cree led flashlight/torch for $5…


I bought a dozen of these about a year ago from Meritline, about the same price.
Everybody loves them, very bright. Mine were all on/off (no 'low' setting).
Very durable, takes standard AA batteries, metal clip, and ridged crown around lens for self-defense.


I promise to add other deals that aren't flashlights. One other thing, though: a bright flashlight might saved a life in a situation similar to what happened in Aurora. I am making sure all my friends & family have a small flashlight over 200 Lumens for just such a situation.


Flashlight anyone?
I have one for daily carry and take it everywhere with me. It’s become another extension of me and has diffused at least two potentially violent confrontations in a non-lethal way. For most of you, the best bet is to buy a good tactical flashlight, there are plenty on the market.

At least 200+ lumens, waterproof, LED, and a 3-volt lithium battery. Use and carry your light with you at all times. I recommend the Surefire P2X Fury Dual Output LED… I would have pulled my high-lumens pocket flashlight and blinded this guy.


AAHHHHH I wish I had seen this deal a few days ago. I already bought a $25 130-lumen Cree light :(


I have never had the experience of having anything shipped from Hong Kong. Is this safe to pay the money and wait for a Hong Kong shipment??

( In Stock.)
Ships from and sold by Lucky Electronics (Ships From Hong Kong).

Just looking for advice. Thank you for your comments Gentleman.


I have bought several items from Hong Kong via Amazon and it has been fine. Shipping takes a bit longer, though.


@hvac1000: I have ordered many things from Hong Kong in the past. I have never had any problems except for the shipping times. If you are in a hurry look elsewhere, otherwise there are some great deals to be had.Expect at about a month for shipping. Don't bother with expedited shipping, it won't help much.


This will only be "300+" lumens if you use a lithium-ion battery. With a normal AA (alkaline or rechargeable) it will be significantly lower.


Ok... bought 5 of these a few months back when previously posted. They are indeed good, fairly rugged little lights. For the money, I think they are a good deal.

But let's be honest here, folks... 300+ lumens they are not. Not even anywhere close. Not even in the ballpark.

I have a very nice middle of the road $60 Fenix light that is much much better, and is rated at about ~100 lumens, give or take. While these little lights are bright and are great for cheap throwaway carryabouts, they do not even come close to the power of my single AA Fenix. My guess is somewhere in the 40-60 lumen range in actual intensity, which is still not bad for what you're paying. Seriously.

Decent, cheap little lights. But Earth-shattering brightness they are not. Not telling anyone not to buy them... just saying don't expect Surefire performance out of 'em.

And as for shipping, mine were shipped out of Hong Kong and I got them in about 14-16 days from order if I remember correctly.


I grabbed two of these off ebay for $6.99 each, shipped. I also bought a set of Lithium AA rechargeable batteries to use in them. WHAT A DIFFERENCE! With the lithium batteries in them they are as bright as the sun! I never expected that big a difference. Mine also have a focus-able beam that can take the light to a sharp pin point. Definitely worth the price! They rival my stinger that I used to use. Find yourself a set of those batteries. You'll be amazed!


In for 3 as gifts. Better deal than the 3-mode Serengetis I bought here last year.


@trdoc: Try using a good Li batt in them, not a AA (or even worse, a rechargeable AA--lower voltage=less output). I have a number of these and the difference is like night and day(pun intended).