dealsindustrial revolution play & freeze ice cream…


These things are great, and much easier to get the kids to do, unlike the old crank ones.


Shake for 20 minutes!? wtf... Would be great for someone on a diet. You would have almost burned all the calories just making it...


Only makes a pint? Good for one person, but that's a lot of work for little output.


this is ok - tried it once at family vacation. people weren't really interested after 20 minutes of hard work! however, if you are going to get these things, it works well as a medicine ball. get in sit up position and twist side to side, you'll get a good work out in.


I have two of these and can't give them away. They're a fun novelty the first or two after that you realize it takes the same amount of work, ice, salt and ice cream mixture as making it in a few zip top bags and doesn't take twenty minutes afterwards to clean. Also, with the bags there's no storing awkwardly shaped items that roll around and each person can have their own custom ice cream.


I have got one usually we just make a hot potato game out of it. rolling it across the floor with a song playing on the radio. Whoever touches it last before the music stops is out. Winner gets the most Ice cream, not that there is a whole lot to go around.


Too much work for not very much ice cream - you'll end up with disappointed participants!