deals10 strawberry street - set of 6 bali wine glasses…


One of those places where you have to "join" to look at their merchandise. They do offer a $15 certificate for signing up with them but I'll pass.

I din't know WHY so many of these shops are popping up. Anybody know WHY you have to join these kinds of places to look at their gear?


@sterhill: Because flash sales allow them to sell at prices that cannot be advertised openly. Most name brands, especially high-end brands, do not want to dilute their names and associate themselves with "discount".

That's also why flash sale sites (Fab, Gilt in particular) are the MOST successful businesses in retail in the past two years. Don't believe me, Google them yourself. You'll see. Many have benefit from it, I personally have saved close to $4,000+ last year because of these sites. But I do like the better things in life, not just "cheap".

I did put Flash Sale in the description here.