dealsthe walking dead: survival instinct (ps3 or xbox…


For what it's worth, this was one of the worst-reviewed games of the year. Definitely take a look at the reviews before buying.


I have a hard time saying no to <$10 games. The bad ones have a certain charm about them. It's the games that try to seem better than they are that won't come down in price that bother me. Here's looking at you, Dark Void... ugh.


good deal thanks for posting!


This is a good deal if you really want to own the game. If you just want to play it, however, redbox is a much more economical way to go. I finished it with a couple of friends in about 6 hours, and it has little to no replay value. No matter how much you love the Walking Dead, this game just feels like a missed opportunity that would have been great in 2000, not 2013.


UGH, not $9.99 anymore. I hate Best Buy and their "5 minute deals."