dealsone day summer kickoff sale - albums on google…


The Wall
Pink Floyd

Tron: Legacy
Daft Punk

Paul's Boutique
Beastie Boys

Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness
Smashing Pumpkins

Born This Way
Lady Gaga

The E.N.D. (Energy Never Dies)
The Black Eyed Peas

Nothing But The Beat
David Guetta

Watch The Throne

Bon Jovi Greatest Hits
Bon Jovi

Spirit Of Radio: Greatest Hits 1974-1987

Greatest Hits 1974-78
Steve Miller

The Best Of 1980 - 1990

Trunk Muzik 0-60

Astronaut Status

Savage Life 3

Tha Carter
Lil' Wayne

Lionel Richie

Born To Die
Lana Del Rey

Ellie Goulding

Mylo Xyloto

Own The Night
Lady Antebellum

The Sea Of Memories

The Band Perry
The Band Perry

My Darkest Days
My Darkest Days

Lest We Forget - ...
Marilyn Manson

the xx

Blues Traveler

The Mouse And The Mask
Danger Doom

Ocean Eyes
Owl City

Vampire Weekend


The only real question here is: has Amazon matched the prices yet? :)


@subrec: I wouldn't purchase from them anyway. Google Play is all DRM free, downloadable more than one time, MP3s come in 320Kbps and works really swell with their music site and app for Android.



1. Amazon MP3s are all DRM free.
2. Amazon MP3s are all downloadable multiple times (unlimited, I believe).
3. The only real difference: Amazon's encoding rates vary and they don't disclose it. Don't know of any complaints of them using bit rates too low for good quality.
4. Amazon's online Cloud Player works great on PCs/laptops. I have no experience with it on a mobile device.


@subrec: It's funny that it's actually a mix of yes and no-ish. At least one the Google albums is a expanded deluxe version, while Amazon matched with a non-deluxe version ("Ocean Eyes" by Owl City). Amazon has "Born to Die" with a digital booklet (a PDF version of liner notes) to match the one on Google Play which does not have the digi-liner. When the price is the same, I always choose the albums with the liner notes because I'm really still a CD loyalist, I just have a budget that doesn't always allow me to get CDs.


@dxdn: ( They say: "Can I download another copy of my MP3 files after the initial purchase?
Your Amazon MP3 Music purchases can only be downloaded once. After you have successfully downloaded the file to your computer at the time of purchase, we recommend that you create a backup copy.

We are currently unable to replace any purchased files that you delete or lose due to a system or disk error. If you encounter a problem with an MP3 file immediately after purchase, please click the Customer Service button in the Contact Us box in the right-hand column of this page so we can determine how to help you."
I can attest to this as after I downloaded an album and accidentally deleted it, I chatted with their support and got an awesome answer of, sorry, you're SOL. I'll buy just about anything else from Amazon, just not MP3s anymore. CDs, sure.


@druke: Okay, I see the issue here. Two parts, actually.

Until the Cloud Player was introduced, this definitely was a glaring problem. I remember that proviso of "you can't re-download" from a while ago. Since the advent of the Amazon Cloud/Cloud Player over a year ago, that is obsolete since you can set your account to automatically add all Amazon digital purchases to your free Cloud account (Amazon stores purchases from them for free; this is actually the default, I believe?).

So technically you cannot re-download from the Amazon MP3 store, but it is really easy (if not the default) to choose to have your purchases instantly added to your free Cloud Player storage, at least in a supported browser. Again, I cannot attest to the compatibility with mobile devices first-hand.


This became a super huge problem for me after they did that as well. It required that you use a Windows based PC or a Mac to download music from the Cloud Player or simply download songs 1 by 1.
Well, running Linux, I had to download songs 1 by 1. All these things added up to me switching to the Play store.
I'm sure all this is just fine for 98% of people, just not me. I think we cleared this up for everyone though!


Dead (predictably since this was a one-day sale posted a week ago). All these albums are full price currently.