dealskinect microsoft lpf-00016 xbox 360 kinect bundle…


If I can give this more than one up vote I would. I have always wanted a Kinect buy didn't want to pay 100+ for it. Thanks for the great find!


sold out though i did buy one earlier for $60 when that was a good price just to yell at my xbox my room is too small for motion capture. Was worth it before netflix autoplayed.


My local carnival has the Xbox Kinect as a prize. I'll just try to win it there. What's the worst that could happen?


You will start to see these go for way under retail soon.
The new XBOX Kinnect for the Xbox720 is completely different. Comes with 3 sensors capable of peripheral vision.

It's going to blow this one outta the water.


@sirlouie: I heard about that story last week..your comment had me rolling LMAO


More about the banana man:

Turned his $2600 into $5800 just by letting the country make fun of him for a couple weeks


the LPF-00016 is just the sensor, not the bundle. Even today, that's going for $43 -