dealssandisk cruzer edge 16gb usb flash drive for $7.99


I would go for it, except for the fact that I own enough flash media /and/ this isn't USB 3.0...


They had a 32gb for $16.99 but it's sold out online, definitely worth checking locally though! * nevermind, online only :)


Anyone else think that the image looks a bit like a black convertible with a red interior? >.>


I own this drive, and it is exceptionally slow. I average 3.0 MB/s when uploading large files to it.


@rsm3000: I have the Cruzer predecessor, also abysmally slow. It's unfortunate Sandisk hasn't worked on performance speeds.


Sandisk makes some truly mediocre flash drives (drive above included), but their new extreme* drives are some of the fastest thumb drives available today - fast in both sequential and random read/write. You do have to get the 64 GB to get the best speeds on USB 3.0, though the 32 GB is still plenty fast. On USB 2.0 it doesn't matter; even the 16 GB max's out the bus.

[*not the older cruzer extreme, but the new just-plain extreme, and Sandisk gets an D- in product naming.]