dealshill's science diet crunchy creations grain free…


Before you check out, check through the other specials. They are also offering Free Range Buffalo Ears for Dogs for $0.01 but it didn't show up for me until I checked the specials when checking out.


Ordered and a couple other things. But when I checked out they wouldn't let me check out w/o saving my cc and that really bugged me. They had a opt in button, but I wasn't given a choice , it just did it.
I am going to call them and opt out of that.

The most important thing is kitties will be happy !


@ceagee: LOL! Well, the kitties won't give a rat's hind end about your credit card issues, but as long as THEY are happy, that's all that counts!


@jrhusc: Check the last line of the description above:

"Stock up on lots of pet stuff and take advantage of $4.95 flat rate shipping. Free shipping for orders over $49."