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oh goodie, hoping they price adjust this now, ordered it when it was $35.


I can confirm that this deal works as of 12:37AM CST. Thanks I wasn't going to buy this set yet but since it's just under $30 count me in purchase confirmed through Amazon.


@andrasko15: Oh they will for sure. Amazon has an awesome lowest-price guarantee. Even if the price goes up in the next couple days, you'll still get the $29.99 price.


Whoa, people actually pay to watch Game of Thrones?


@xavier: Those of us who want to see Season Four do.


I wonder what they'll do when they get to the end of the books. Will they wait for Martin to finish to books and roll a new season out every 8 years or maybe he'll write them a little faster? That's the only bad part about this series. Great deal though.


Just a reminder that this is still a pre-order, as it isn't released until tomorrow... but that being said, Amazon have been fairly good in the past about shipping things a little early so that they arrive on the release date, so there's a good chance it won't require much of a wait.

Oh, and S1 is back down to $36.99 on Amazon, if you haven't already picked that up.


In the Target add from yesterday (Sunday) they had it shown for $29.99 also, so if you found it for 24.99 then you got a deal that isn't national.


I liked season 1 better than season 2. Book 2 is way better than season 2. What was surprising was how ridiculous Theon's character is in the TV show. Completely embellished.


@looslee: Actually, $24.99 is for the DVD only set. $29.99 is the BR/DVD/Digital combo.


@samjung23: I don't think they are far off the mark with Theon. He is an arrogant crass buffoon and they captured that perfectly.


@samjung23: I actually had it the other way 'round. Book 1 is better than Book 2, but Season 2 bested Season 1. That was my take, anyway. And Theon's importance in the story should be brought to the fore.


@chronosquall14: I haven't made it through to the rest of the books. I'm still halfway through 2. I'm shocked at how little of Theon there has been in the book so far. He's like an afterthought. I still think season 2 has slipped, and that book 2 is better, but it's all subjective to me and I won't fight you over it, lol. Game of Thrones is just solid, all the way around. I love it. I'm a geek for it all!


They currently have season one pretty cheap too (around $36-37 I think) so you can pick them both up for less than the normal HBO msrp for one of them...


I already got a shipping notification for this. Great deal! If only I could find season one for the same price


29.99 with additional disk on walmart