deals$100 credit on your birthday at ahalife for $0.00…


@kamikazeken: Me, too! Plus many other stuff. All of their home decor stuff are really incredible. Some are damn expensive, though.


You have to earn 100 points to get the $100 credit.
Points are earned by referrals and purchases.


@mrxindeed: Nope. You can also just tweet about a product, that already counts. I got to 100 in less than an hour, it does not depend on any one else's action, just yours. For $100, and 10-ish tweets that took me less than 2 minutes...well worth it.


I tweeted a few items and facebook "liked" one, but no creds. What am I doing wrong?


@kamikazeken: It takes a day or two to update. But your AHA points should go up very quickly after that. I only did about 10 tweets, and with a lot of click-throughs, I got to 100 AHAs in a day. :)


@kamikazeken: did u get your AHApoints ? How long did it take?