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How to apply discount? Need place to apply discount code before asking for all information and payment method. Unsure of how and where discount code is entered. In the past I always leave if discount code is not readily available. I wounded how many people want one but backout due to this issue.


@jwrobertson: agreed, discount code does not work with paypal, $149.95 does not = 89.95...scam

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Just to test I ran through the process. The discount code is entered at the very end of checkout when you put in credit card information. The code did work.

Also, you can select paypal at the end of the normal checkout, I did not try to enter the code using the checkout with paypal at the beginning.

However, I agree that it is better to have discount codes entered at the very start of checkout.

Edit: Interesting note, if you enter a bunch of fake personal information in the normal checkout you can get to the end and then apply the discount code. From there you can back out and the code still applies and you can use paypal checkout.


Only partial discount for the code.


these r getting creepier and creepier.


You can get these on eBay for $35


Honestly, I charge my phone in the bathroom just because it is easy to access the power outlet...


This seems like a $10 - $20 gadget in this day and age.


I tried the coupon code and it only took it down to 99.99, not 89.99


@tinmanlio: I noticed that too, but the final total price still reflected the discount. my final total was $96.90 = $89.95 + $6.95


The promo code works but you can only enter it after you get kinda far in the checkout. like 3 pages deep..


Perfect for my bathroom.


@daefaroth: I was going to say the same thing - not my phone but I do things like my bluetooth headset.