dealsdonate a warm beanie to a local shelter for $1.00…


Awesome. They continue to do great work. Thanks for posting this.


Down the page it says they will donate to a local shelter in their area. Clicking the contact us button shows them to be located in Johnson City, TN.


There are add-on items for donating thermal socks ($1) and warm gloves ($.50). $15.00 went a long way. :)


Thanks! Ordered 10 of everything! Only $25!

Where does the stuff go? I see "A local shelter in our area" but I wonder where that is.


@thatdailydeal: Thanks for doing this again. Can you give us some info on the shelter that will receive these items?


You could always go down to your local dollar store and pick up a bunch and donate them to you local shelters or charities as well.


How exactly do they make it warm? Buying decision may be affected here.


In Chicago, doesn't work. Sadly, shelters are hellishly disgusting; where these items will be stolen by others to sell for drugs or just sold for drugs off the cuff. Our care for our citizens needs a complete overhaul nation wide. People sleep outside in freezing weather here because there are so few shelters & the condition of said shelters are so atrocious! Contact your congress persons about this please whether our not you pay to donate a hat, please. & we might just nip this in the bud!


@nuangel: That's great, but I'd still like to see them say WHICH shelter.


@ariellem: I don't know the name of the shelter, but after I donated previously through them, I received a very nice postcard with photos of the items being donated, plus a count of how many of each item people contributed. It has an 'Operation Christmas Child Samaritan's Purse' logo on it.


@thatdailydeal: Just out of curiosity, are you guys making a profit off of these sales? Or are you selling them at cost?

For those wanting to donate but skeptical, All Dollar Tree's sell all of these things for (drumroll) $1.. no, probably not entirely practical in most cases.. but the option's there :)

ed: Look like @rderoest actually beat me to the Dollar Store suggestion :D


From the link... explaining what they are doing. Might answer SOME questions. might not. I just wanted to post stuff. :)