dealsofficemax - amazon gift card $50 for $45 for $45…


I see the price in the ad but can't find the cards online - is this in store only?


It appears that Amazon sells OfficeMax gift cards. Just putting 2 and 2 together, here.


Limit one offer, so if you want more I guess you'd have to go back at a later time(or bring friends who might not want the offer).
10% off Amazon orders is great, I could use lots of these cards.......looks like I'll be going to OM multiple times/stores this week ;)
I even looked at the OM ad this week, don't know how I missed it, it was right on the front of the ad......


Not sure it's worth the gas/time to save $5. If it were online, I'd be in multiple times. +1 nevertheless.


Sold out at my local store. They couoldn't apply the promotion to a single $50 card, either. Call ahead to make sure it's in stock!


mine was out too, they wouldnt do the $50 either good news is though got few rain checks and a friend too woot. Christmas shoppin here I comes!


Yes lots of stores running out of the $25 cards and like others have said they won't sub a single $50 for $45 :(
According to a OM associate the card area is only stocked ~ once/month and it's a outside person that does it, not the regular associates. Oh they do have spare cards inside the card holder display but none of the ones I tried who were out had any spare Amazon cards.


Worked well for me. Local Office Max still had the gift cards. For those who were curious: no additional purchase was required.