dealsseagate freeagent goflex desk 3 tb usb 3.0…


Bashing? I only buy Seagate and we buy about 185 units every year. Now we do get bad ones but it's less than 3 a year that we return under warranty. All hard drives are made the same way and all fail about the same amount of time.

I will say though I bought 4 IBM hard drives (yeah I know sometime ago) and all 4 went bad within a year so I stayed away from them but now adays as long as it's not a no named generic they all are the same.

Good price on this. At this price it's better to rip this out of the external case and use it in your PC, you can't get stand alone drives this cheap. Wish it had a External SATA connector would buy this in a heartbeat for my DVR.


If I needed another external, I'd pounce. My Seagate is keeping me happy over here. No bashing from me, but I'm thinking someone out there, in love with WD, will swell our hearts with their wisdom and grandiloquence.


I don't bash any Hard Drives. I have so many off-brand, WD's and Seagates it's not funny.. And they all have worked flawlessly. I've actually never had a hard drive fail on me to the point of data loss. Maybe I've been lucky the past 12 years or so. I don't use my drives extensively either though (backup and store away, with the exception of my NAS but that's a whole different beast).

Anyways, I always go with the cheapest USB 3.0 external for backups/transfers.


Just bought one, largely on the basis of above comments. I have not had good luck with external drives, have 10 or 12, and several failures or partial failures. WD seems my best so far, but I remember Seagate from one of my first computers, when it was a built in tape backup! Worked fine, for the times.

Just one word. Don't forget, if you live in WA, you will be charged around $11.00 Sales Tax. WA insists on this regressive tax, rather than a progressive income tax. (Had to sneak in the politics.)


Bought one of these at the local Costco (Phoenix) for the same price + tax last week. Internally its a 7200 RPM 16Mb cache drive.

The included backup software is a joke. It only allows a full backup of your entire drive. If you want to only backup selected folders (not the entire drive) then you have to pay an upgrade fee of something like $30.