deals70% off 5.11 tactical: performance shorts from $8…


5.11 makes great tactical gear but most of their clothing and apparel is expensive. This is a good deal, in for 1!


I bought these shorts last time they came through. They're my new favorite workout shorts. The back pocket is even large enough to carry my Google Nexus 4. If I didn't already have three pairs I'd buy some more.


I picked up three pairs of the medium.
32/33 waist and I like em a bit baggy so hopefully these fit the bill.


Is there a code to enter to get 70% off or $8.99? Mine are coming up at $11.99 which is not 70% off list price.


@prita150: The deal is for shorts FROM $8.99.

In order to get that deal, you have to buy a pack of 3 shorts, in size Small or Medium. Anything else will be more.


Coupon Code: 2013KNIFE

5.11 Tactical: Free 2013 Collectors Promo Knife With $50 Purchase. Ends 01/01/2014


In for three pack. At $10/pair of shorts you can't beat that. The fact that they are tactical/moisture wicking is just gravy.


And where are those $8.99 shorts. What I see are $9.99 shorts in size Small only. all others are significantly more. What isn't explained is that you have to buy 3 to get the 8.99 way to sell up


What sort of tactics can you do with these special tactical shorts? These shorts are less tactical than a pair of cargo shorts from Old Navy.


I prefer strategic shorts. Tactical is ok, but it you have theatre-range or intercontinental shorts, they wick much more moisture.


The name of the company is 5.11 Tactical. It's not 5.11's Tactical shorts. RIF.


does these shorts have tactical liners too? I do not want my tactical parts bouncing around, or have them hanging out and exposed given old timer's tactical parts hangs real low