dealscat butts book and magnets for $4.24


What's with all the butts and bootys?


@stumpy91: today is 6/13. the number 3 kind of looks like a butt. therefore butt day.

or, see @psaux's answer here

vote-for4vote-against year is Butt Year.


think about it:

there was someone who thought designing this would be cool - then they sold the idea to a buyer who contracted with a manufacturer who hired people, set up dies and process machinery, made the product, designed and made boxes for the product - even designed and printed a little book to accompany it - packaged the product, shipped the product on ships and trucks… because they KNEW there were LOTS of people who would think this was great and would buy it and take it home, proudly showing it to their family and friends…

you gotta ask yourself: who do I know that would buy this?