dealssong of ice and fire set (all 4 books…


Well there are more than four books...


but there's already five books. Why would i want to pre-order the fifth one when it's been in print for years already?


@asnyderman: At least on Amazon, only the hardcover is currently available. If you've already purchased the set above, it would be nice to get a copy that is the same as what you've already got, which is what is listed in that link.

For those that like their things to match, fit the same on a shelf, etc., then you can pre-order at the cheap Amazon price. Or you can skip it. The choice is yours :)


@smtatertot13: i figured out the paperback thing right after i hit "submit." .... i just happened to get these on ebook format rather than old school paper. That takes up even less room on my bookshelf.


@paulsdye: I already linked above on Deals.Woot! but thanks.


@paulsdye: That won't be released until October 29th, 2013, so it isn't out yet. The OP should have phased things differently, but currently only 4 books are in paperback.


Never expect books to match. There's several variations (editions) to this series. The last couple hardcovers and paperbacks do not match the early editions.


I'd avoid buying this as in a few months you will be upset you didn't wait for the collectors pack of all 5 books. It's like when you have LOTR 1 & 2 and they have that nice collectors set with all 3 after ROTK came out. I think I had like 7 sets of LOTR and questioned myself every time I purchased it.


@decyde: Thats why I have not purchased The Hobbit yet... Waiting until it is all out and in one set.