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I just bought a different Nook. Silly me - I thought I could choose when to use my payment card, one transaction at a time. Nope! You MUST activate with a live credit/debit card and maintain it as the default, even if you are paying with a gift card or attempting to download one of the "free" books.

That's a dealbreaker for me.


@daha: I believe that is true of all android tablets on Google Play, Fire on Amazon, and iStuff on iTunes. No matter which one you choose, you must have a CC on file with a provider. Even if stuff is free, you need to purchase it for $0.00. Sounds like you are out of luck. I have a CC on file with all of them and am not worried in the least.


This is a good deal. I paid double this price a few months ago.
But they have come out with a new anti glare screen one.
Like it very much, but use strictly as an e reader.


So 1Sale has the 16gb for $10 more. I bought the 9" one in Sept and it took a month or more to come. This site says ships in 1 to 2 days so obviously much quicker. Any input on how much difference the extra 8gb makes? Since it takes a memory card should I care? This would be for taking me with a lot, email, some browsing and reading books.

I might also be tempted to root this as an android tablet (can't do that with the 9" since my better half loves it just the way it is). Thanks


@gelo48: For your stated use, the 8GB should be fine. The 16GB is a must if you want to have more Apps, games, etc. Content (files, movies, music, etc.) can be stored on the microSD card. I rooted and installed CyanogenMod on an HD+ (the 9") and it works well with only a few bugs.


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honestly, for 99 cent difference, eBay's Buyer Protection makes me feel safe.



You don't. You just need a google mail account. Both my children own a galaxy tab and they have never provided any info on cc. Whenever they want to buy stuff, I buy them gift cards.


Getting the 8gb is the best choice since the SD Card slot can be used to upgrade to whatever size the card is. Spend the money and get a large SD Card and enjoy the fact you are strapped to a certain size like all the other tablets on the market.