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beware this company... terrible customer service!!!

I needed software for an online class. I paid extra to get my student status automatically verified. This was on a Friday early evening. Not only did it not auto verify, I could not get any help because they are not open weekends. I emailed them right away to tell them to cancel my order. Then called them first thing Monday. First I was told they would refund my money, then told they would not (I needed the software for a project due Sunday) Not only would they not refund my money, several attempts to get a supervisor to call me back went unanswered.


your triangle color indicates you are still active on deals.woot. would you please go thru your post and expire your old deals so the staff don't have to.
thank you

(there are over 2000 pages of products that are listed from 2010 alone. this is a big job, but if we all pitch in and expire our own deals, the staff will have lots less work ahead of them)