dealsac and usb poweroutlet for $29.00 + free shipping


Awesome! Didn't know they even made something like this. I may have to pick one of these up.


Thinkgeek sells these for $5 less. Currently out of stock but should be back in 1-3 weeks.


@dazoneranger: The biggest downside I see to this is that it only works with the cover plate it comes with. If you want to use a different coverplate, it would take some work with a dremel. This product from Belkin achieves the same goal for less money and it's more versatile.


The ones from Thinkgeek have the old style receptacle, while this deal has the newer, square style, which I'm in the process of converting my house to, so I really like this one. I just want one for the kitchen and don't won't a big old surge protector like the Belkin permanently mounted in there. I don't want to keep plugging it in and removing it, in order to make it non-permanent, either. Really, this one would be perfect. Also, according to the manufacturer, it is fully UL Listed, while other similar products may not be.