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@procop: Refurb just means gently used and then returned because they couldn't deal with the awesome...


Having owned this remote before, pass on this with no regrets. If you really want a fancy one with touch screen buttons, chip in the extra and get the Touch.

I personally own a 650 and 700 and love them. I mostly watch shows off my xbox and it is nice to have a remote that controls that instead of having to use the controller.


Of the 4 harmony remotes in my house, 2 of them are refurbs. (Although none are this particular model, 1 659 and 3 880's I think.) The refurbs looked and performed just as well as the normal retail packed remote. While I'm not certain if I'd want this model Harmony, I'd have no hesitation in buying a refurb Harmony remote over a retail pack model.

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