dealsdune [blu-ray] for $8.51


Hi-def mutated Navigator mouth flaps?
Hi-def oozing pustules on the Baron's face?


any one know how good the conversion to blu ray was?


Does anyone know if this is the really bad version with Sting, or the really good sci fi mini series?


Read the book before you watch the movie.


I'd recommend reading the book and NOT watching the movie...


@primadogga: I absolutely agree, this movie is just ...?..umm .. awkward! One of the better Sci-fi novels out there though.


"I am the 'quizak hadarak' !!"

Read the book when it came out...reading it reminded me of the middle book of the "Lord of the Rings" felt like a 'bridge' to a better story (yawn).
Move was 'ok' for it's time. The sand worm scenes were cool. Sting was awful...and I agree the SyFy (new spelling) mini series was better. Kyle MacLachan (Paul) was a "B" actor and a lot of people thought this would be the vehicle to take him up...yeah, he sucked. Sean Young...MMmmmMMM....wait? She can act too? Dune was LOADED with popular actors of the day...Sting (hahah), Jorgen Prochnow, Dean Stockwell, Max Von Sydow, David Lynch, and Jose Ferrer...and it still was a snooze. I guess if you're a Frank Herbert fan or you got REALLY stoned before you watched it, then it would be a cool flick....otherwise? See if it's on Netflix....


NOT the extended version.


Don't forget Patrick Stewart.