dealshorror classics 50 movie pack collection: freeā€¦


Wow! Amazing price; thanks for the deal!! Really old, old films - some classics w/Vincent Price & Bela Legosi. :-/


All of these are likely available online legally as they're public domain movies (see link below), but it is nice having them in a physical collection. I own a few of these 50 movie packs, and the price here is pretty great for all that's included

Check out this link for some public domain movies, and other great videos from our past:

(again these are all legal as their copyright or whatever expired, just passing this on, I hope the info is helpful!)


Yeah, these are all pretty good movies, but I doubt they've done a thing to clean up the transfers. Maybe for stuff like Nosferatu and Night of the Living Dead I'd want better editions, but for the other goodies like Carnival of Souls or The Last Man on Earth, this is quite a bargain!


These vampires and werewolves aren't as hot as they are in twilight.