dealssteam holiday sale - day 3


I'm always too slow to post this :(


Defense Grid is such a good game that I will buy it on PC even though I already own it on 360. It's the best tower defense game I've ever played.


Stalker is the best deal on that page. The whole series for right around 10 bucks. One of the greatest games ever made for pc within it's genre. (Post Apocalyptic Mutant Hunting Games)

srsly tho don't miss that one.


Arkham City, baby! Been waiting for this one to on sale.


Mount and Blade: Warband - cRPG mod is like Call of Duty: Medieval and is awesome. The best part is it doesn't have kill streak rewards. I highly recommend the game!


So glad I didn't pull the trigger on Neverwinter Nights yesterday. I've been looking to play it for a while now.


I used to love Monday Night Combat but it's fairly dead these days. It's like a DOTA game mixed with a FPS reminiscent of TF2. A fairly recent update (far too late in its lifetime) made it several times more appealing and approachable. I can at least sit back and hope the next iteration of the game under development is coming soon and will be more popular. They made the mistake of comparing it to TF2 when TF2 was already immensely popular and the game really doesn't play anything like TF2.


My computer is down at home, so everyday I come in and try to log on to Steam through the browser, and Steam Guard pops up asking to enter my 5 digit code, but it literally takes around 7-8 hours for the code to show up for some reason. So I never get them until I'm already gone. So I've missed the last 3 days of deals unfortunately, even though there's a bunch of games I was interested in, here's crossing my fingers that today works, ha ha.


@gckm86: Try to log in on the morning before leaving your house and leave your computer on. When you're back you'll have the code and Steam just waiting for you to rip some awesome deals!


@mikedx: Yeah, it kind of bugs me, but Steam always has awesome deals going on, so I'm not too worried about it, it's just frustrating at times, ha ha.