dealsfootlong hot dogs half price at sonic february 2


This is on their menu:
*Hot dog is 12 inches and 1/4 pound precooked and contains beef and pork.

However, it doesn't say that ONLY contains beef & pork. This is one of the few items I will eat at Sonic, but be warned, eat at your own risk.


@mtw1057: Soylent green would taste more like pork. Actually, I love hot dogs and I love Sonic hot dogs. But as one of our founding fathers once said, those who love them should never see laws nor sausages being made.


@moondrake: I'm always disturbed by how casually people just say something belongs to 'our founding fathers'.

The founding father who made the comment about sausages and laws is American poet John Saxe in 1869; in the 1930's, it got misattributed to the 18th century German chancellor Bismark.


@craig234: I said it was a founder as I've heard it attributed to both Jefferson and Franklin. I usually check quotes for proper attribution prior to use, but I'm on my tablet and not adept with it. I stand corrected.

My friends and I just got back from Sonic where it was also happy hour so we scored five footlongs (two Chicago, two New York and one chili) three 44oz drinks, and a snack pack of onion rings for $14. Big lunch for three.


Well, after the Subway kerfuffle, I certainly hope everyone measured their footlongs to be sure they 'measured up.' :)


"Is this the foot-long?"

"And then some."