dealsroku 2 xd 1080p hd streaming video player for $39…


Just a heads up for anyone that has never purchased from these guys before, they take A LONG TIME to ship the items, and you most likely won't get tracking info till it's already at your house. Their items however are cheap and always as described as far as I have seem. It's worth waiting if you don't need it right away! Might be a great Christmas present for some people!


@orangetang: I even put the "slow shipping" info in the body of the post now as a warning when 1sale is the seller.


To further define 1sale's SLOW shipping. I purchased 2 ROKU 2 XD's from 1Sale the last time they had this offer on 10.10.13 and I still have not received my order. I received a shipping notification from 1Sale on 10.11.13 with an estimated delivery of 10.21.13. Almost two weeks later the tracking from UPS still showed the package had not been tendered to them for delivery. I sent them an email asking about the shipping status and received an email (2 days later) stating that it was still processing and would ship soon. As of the writing of this (11.2.13) I have not received my order. 1Sale is extremely slow in shipping and their customer service is non-existent. I've seen the same deal with Newegg that also included an HDMI cable for the same price. Hope this helps.


I think 1Sale collects all the customer purchases and their money before ordering exactly what they need from the distributor/manufacturer. This business model means they don't have to expand their headquarters beyond the kitchen table.


With all the negative? comments about 1Sale and their other similar companies, I need to add one thing. I have bought many things from this company and yes, they are slow. They are a little faster when the product is made in USA. However, I have NEVER had a non-delivery or any NEED to call support. The products are always as advertised and well packaged.

Their business practice is HOW they keep the prices down and still fulfill the deal. If you want 2 day shipping, go to Amazon. If you can wait, 1Sale is a great option. If you have been on WOOT for more than a few days, you know that their shipping is slow. No need to make a big deal about it on EVERY posting.


@tradergeorge: I was hoping that telling prospective purchasers in the OP would help keep the number of comments to a minimum. Ce la vie.


I have placed orders with 1saleaday that have come to me faster than woot... Maybe its just the Rokus that take a while?


Any comments about the refurb Roku? Good deal or what?



Unless you have a "smart" TV, just about any Roku is a great deal at any price. The best one they sell is still under $100. What you get for the money is phenomenal. Just don't buy the first gen model. It is only 720p.