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Using one of these right now that I got for $20 at Target. They come in all sorts of different designs. Here is what I think of the mouse:

- Fits nicely in hand. Not too big, not too small.
- Mini USB saves space and saves itself from being accidentally broken!
- Has on/off switch to save battery
- Requires one AA battery (however, I think this is standard for most wireless mice now)
- Long battery life.

- No side scrolling
- No extra buttons for gamers (this is not a gaming mouse, nor is it advertised as one)
- Mini USB can be stored inside the mouse when not in use, but only if you take the battery cover off, then you cover it up by putting it back on; in other words, there is no convenient way to just snap it onto the mouse or anything like that.


This is a decent mouse, but the 510/505 is better for your money. The M500 mice come with a unifying receiver which allows you to use both a mouse and keyboard on the same receiver.