dealssimple solutions calming cat wipes 8 pack 64…


I prefer the old fashion method of using cat #2 to clean cat #1 and vice versa.


Cat Wipes: For when your cat forgets how to clean itself and baby wipes are just too damn abrasive.


What's wrong with using Windex?


I find myself wondering what could possibly be calming about trying to wipe a cat with anything wet.....


@dilcue: Windex is too strong. Nothing worse than a squeaky cat.

I use Pledge.


Order now and you will receive 64 disinfectant wipes that you can use to treat the scratches to your hands and arms after bathing your kitty with these. Just pay separate processing and handling.


Each wipe comes pre-soaked in 5 mL of chloroform.


All of my cats have always been self-cleaning. Is there a type of cat that isn't?


@sharpjm: I hope you're referring to the second cat cleaning the first cat. Otherwise that would be really gross.


@cleverett: Yes. I adopted a stray that had been living under cars and his coat was greasy from motor oil. He simply would not groom. Once I finally cleaned him up and converted him to an indoor cat, his grooming skills remained sketchy, especially once he got to be about 16 or 17. Also, I've used these on sick cats who tend not to groom regularly.


As an alternate, you could try Steve Martin's technique:

“I gave my cat a bath the other day...they love it. He sat there, he enjoyed it, it was fun for me. The fur would stick to my tongue, but other than that...”

― Steve Martin


For all you dum azzez, I have 2 kitty's with severe cerebellar hypoplasia and they aren't able to clean themselves, your jokes aren't funny.