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Does anyone have any information about this camera's video capability? It lists being able to do 1080p, but does anyone have opinions on how the video looks?

I'm looking for a camera in this price range that has good enough video for shooting home movies and the like. Nothing professional, but something that looks at least pretty good.


@redsalesperson: You can score the Canon ELPH 110 HS 16.1 MP at Amazon for $150 right now:

It has similar features, including 1080p video.
I would prefer the 110's 16.1 MP over the 520's 10, but you lose the optical zoom (from 12x to 5x). I haven't used either camera, so I can't give any first-hand recommendations.


@tortamus: I have the 110 with 16.1, and I love it! I haven't used this one, so I can't say how it compares , but video in good lighting is wonderful on the 110. Pictures are easy and relatively fast, the auto features feel endless, so for the price (as long as you remember it's not a DSLR) you're getting a steal.
I know this doesn't help you decide about this camera, but check out the reviews I on Amazon,they called mine a 3.5, and it's really a solid 4 at least.


@tortamus: $100 more for the silver color?!? That's crazy....I would prefer the black anyway.

Unless I'm reading that wrong....


@tortamus: The 110 is the lower end model in the ELPH line. The 520 is higher. The 520 a metal-bodied camera as well. More megapixels doesn't mean a better image, ask any professional photographer.

Here is a comparison of the 110 and the 520. I'll take the 520 any day.