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Everytime I see one of these knives I keep thinking...


Hah. More like "Sun is going down? Lemme go back to the hotel room then drink my own piss."


The whole Gerber Bear Grylls series is overpriced and poor quality. I have friends who have bought these knives only to have them break on their next trip. Look for something like the Gerber LMF or a good old fashioned Ka-Bar instead.


@apr10427: Sorry, but over 500 reviews on Amazon disagree w/you. This rated 4.5 stars, and Gerber seems to have fixed any issues w/the original version.

NOTE: Today's price is $37.89 w/FS&H. This item fluctuates in price by a few cents regularly on Amazon. This is the second time the price has changed since the original post.


@zippy the pinhead: If you trust that the reviewers on Amazon have used the knife as intended, then go ahead and trust it it. I have seen this knife, and others in the series, fail so I cannot trust it. A survival knife is more than just a tool, it's something you need to be able to implicitly trust.