dealsquizno's coupon - small sandwich, cup of soup and…


I used this coupon last night and got the Angus steak sandwich and a cup of chicken noodle soup. The sandwich was VERY good, and I'd recommend it to anyone who likes sauteed mushrooms and onions. The soup was decent but nothing special.


Should have checked here before lunch.


Even a $5 footlong doesn't come with a drink! Solid deal.


Pretty good deal, but if your a 22 year old male like me, a small sub and soup doesn't satisfy your hunger pains. Could probably eat 3 small subs and still need more


@moedeenterprises: I used to be the same way. Start eating smaller meals more often each day. With time, I found that the small meals started to make me feel full. Not to mention it's a much healthier way to eat.

Yes. I said healthy in an ad for Quizno's. lol


Their subs have all shrunk in size by about 50%. I eat small meals, but after one of their new "large" subs (i.e. 3 small subs) I was still hungry and had to find something else to eat. The small sub is barely a snack now. It wouldn't bother me except that I can't afford to spend what they are asking for so little food.


I do love their subs though!


I love a good Anus steak sandwich.