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Bought one a few weeks ago from Walmart, it went bad on me as I was trying to get my daughter's homework printed out. Bought a replacement and it died on me less than a week later. 3rd one's the charm but I only have it because they didn't have the printer/scanner I wanted in stock and I needed something fast, but I am not optimistic about this one given the previous ones I owned.

Also, it has a tendency to lose the wifi. And you have to have it physically connected at first in order to set up the wifi. Kinda goes against the concept, IMHO.

And you better have the CD if you want any chance of getting it set up properly on a Mac. The Canon web site was not very helpful on specifying the file(s) needed for proper installation and they didn't have the actual image file available for download, a very big minus for me, since I also have a netbook which does not have a CD drive built-in.

I believe the ink cartridges cost about $20 for B&W and $28 for color.


Beware the pixma ink usage. It's really highly suspect.

I really liked the idea of getting away from all in one cartridge replacements (you can replace each colour as it runs out), but they run out even if not used. I can't imagine what the hell it does to them.
It's almost like an oil change situation where even if you have no mileage, it's time.

Perhaps they have some way to justify this? Maybe the cartridges are maintained so they don't crust up at the nozzle (happens to us all in old age), but I recall my previous inkjet lasting for hundreds of pages on one cartridge, with or without use.

Replacements can be found very cheaply on ebay (with a working chip), but it doesn't sit right with me.

The wireless connection is very tenuous. If you make any hefty network changes it will lose it's link and have to be physically reconnected to a pc via USB to set it up again. I eventually gave in and physically tethered it on the same desk...Isn't really wireless in my book.


I have the Canon Pixma MX700, best printer I ever had, but yes the ink usage is high. I've never thought about it, but the above comment is right... it does seem to use ink over time whether I use it or not. The bad part of this is obvious, but I wonder if the good part is that I have NEVER had a smudge, smear, etc from a jet being plugged, crusted, etc in 3-ish years. I'm guessing it does a quick clean of the heads before each initial printing, and that uses a bit of ink.

While I'm not crazy about the high ink usage, it's better luck than I've had with other printers (HP, Brother, Lexmark), so when the time comes, I'll probably be getting another Canon.