deals98078 playstation 3d display bundle for $159.99…


purchased last week at $179.99, called today and was refunded $20!


@bpdecpimp: How do you like it? Do a lot of games support the ability of two users having their own full screen?


Just a reminder, these things have had a very high failure rate, hence the string of price drops. Cool toy when it works, but buyer beware. Also, this is a "monitor," not a television, and as such, it does not include a remote control or a TV tuner.


I purchased one of these displays last year around Christmas time and had it completely die within 3 weeks. Took it back to Bestbuy and exchanged for a new unit at no cost because it was in the 1 month warranty window. The replacement display failed about 45 days after I started using it so I was forced to send it to Sony for repairs. The repairs were free but I was without the display for over 1 week.

I have had no problems with this display since it was repaired by Sony, and it is a very nice display that I would recommend at this price point if you are a desktop gamer. Watched The Avengers in 3D on it last night and it looked great. Just be aware that you may have to go through Sony to get a unit that works.

Also as far as I am aware Simulview is only supported by very few titles, Killzone 3, Motorstorm, and a few others I cant remember. It's a shame this featured wasn't adopted by more devs, because it works astonishingly well.


The coolest feature of this TV is the fact that 2 people can watch two entirely different full screen images (with glasses) simultaneously. Basically full screen split-screen. (I'm sure it's been said, but it's worth repeating :D)

@jsoko: Check out that link; Only a few right now - it looks like a lot of newer releases are getting the treatment though.. also I'd wager any new game with 3D is guaranteed to have it.


I've had one for a while now. I really like it but there is a problem that a lot of people seem to experience. The screen will occasionally lose display for 2-5 seconds. No idea what causes it. I've had it replaced once from Sony and the second one does the same. Other then that it's a great display.


Can this be easily used for a PC monitor instead? Seems like a pretty good price for a 1080p 24" monitor.


Though, with all the warnings of failure, if bought from best buy, I'd definitely get their extended warranty just to when it does fail you have some options. I usually hate getting extended warranties but would for something like this.


I did some research, and it looks like mostly the issues people have are related to overheating. Many sites had people reporting all issues going away by attaching a PC cooling fan over the vent ports, or similar solution.