dealspersonalized stationery with free shipping…


Thanks! This is a great deal.


This post is confusing.

There is a 70% off deal for clearance items, but I just checked everything they have on clearance and nothing is as low as $2.00.

It should have read: "70% off clearance items at"

P.S. - The deal is valid through January 12, 2010 at 11:55 PM CST


I didn't find anything for 2$ either, but it was still worth it to get some note cards for birthday presents for five bucks or so.


Did anyone have trouble wth the website? I have tried
several times to purchase from them but I keep
getting errors....maybe an issue with mac compatability?


Yeah, sorry. I want to say that I didn't type the 'for $2.00', but I obviously did's there. I didn't mean to and don't have any idea why I did.

I'm out of coffee. That's really the only good excuse I can come up with. :)


Don't have time to look at it all right now, but it appears to be a good deal. I know someone who would like receiving some of these as gifts.


You have to add the coupon code "madness" after selecting a stationary. I found one that I liked for $18 and until I put it in the cart and put the promo code in it still showed as $18. But once I entered in the coupon code it changed the price to $5. Still not $2. But a lot cheaper than the advertised $18.


Actually, for the items marked "Last Chance", when you add the coupon code, they come up as $1.80.

This is great--I had actually been looking for stationery.


if you like the clearance stuff, this site is AWESOME!!! I planned anhead for next chrsitmas...and our wedding thank you notes~