deals$20 for a $40 gift certificate to…


[edit: no referral links]

Please use my refer link if you don't mind. Forgot to add that in the description.


I was going to wait to add this but it looks like somebody beat me to it.. looks like it got lost in the deal-pile though.. Which is a shame because it's a great deal..
I know you guys are interested in shooting stuff and to me this is one of those deals that's too good to pass up, so I had to notify you lol - it's kind of like the last one I notified you guys about, just a way better site.
(It's a great site.. good selection, pretty good prices on different things)

I notified you guys because you probably won't see it otherwise:
@rlapid2112 @baqui63 @lavikinga @pinchecat @devexityspace
(And @shrdlu, I know you have some "friends" who you thought might be interested in the last one similar to this :D)

Hey, if anybody ends up buying one of these and you don't already have a spouse/friend with an account to use as the refer, it'd be appreciated if you used mine :D: [edit: no referral links] (free $5 bucks for me!)


@rlapid2112 @baqui63 @lavikinga @pinchecat @devexityspace @shrdlu: Didn't want you guys to think that was spam.. I felt kind of weird about adding that referral code on the end afterward but it was too late to delete it lol..

I really did just want to let you know about the deal, so I just had to clear that up :) - the code was an afterthought, I swear


@drchops: You're a peach! Already to show this to my Gun Boss. Goodness knows Larry Potterfield has enough of our $$$. Time to share the wealth.


@drchops: nice! I may have to pass after finding Ammo Expo dot com... (spent a lot recently) :D


@rlapid2112: I always wondered why they didn't make more light mounts like that.. then I happen to run across that one awhile back. I'd love to have one, but there are so many other things I need first - so that's one of those things I keep an eye out for 2nd hand - hoping to find it for like $5 on Craigslist :D

What kind of light do plan to let ride in it?