dealspanasonic cf-t7 ruggedized toughbook 12.1" laptop…


Re-certified huh. Couldn't have been rugged enough?


Does anyone know anything about these?

The Panasonic name isn't exactly synonymous with computers.


Panasonic Toughbooks are really quite good! Much of the police force and military utilize toughbook laptops in the field. I had one when I worked as a lineman for the telco. Never had any problems with it. We even put it on the road and drove over it with the company truck to test it's durability and it worked just fine afterwards.

Ideally, one would install a solid state drive and this thing would be indestructable.


I visited a friend last week who uses one for work. He bought his recertified. He works in refrigeration and heating repair and needs something durable. He's very happy with his Toughbook.


Is there a CD or DVD drive in it? Not that that's a make or break, but it's good to know.

I could really use a newer computer than the one I have (lighter-weight too) but money is very tight right now.

This might fill the bill if it hangs around long enough.

Thanks for the info!