dealsfree one year subscription to martha stewart…


You forgot to mention that the first step is giving the site an incredible amount of personal information PLUS giving them the name and email address of at least one of your friends, so the site can send them a spammy email they call a referral.

Since their "members" get extra points whenever they refer someone to the site, do you get extra points if I buy something there?


I'm not sure what sort of personal information you're concerned about besides giving the mailing address for the magazine and filling out a simple survey about yogurt or something similar.

Plus, I've never put in a friend's email address. I just put in made up ones. I've received several magazines for free without compromising my friend's email addresses.

I've also never used any sort of referral system and I honestly don't care if you sign up for the free magazine or not. I've gotten several free magazines by using this website and I'm just trying to pass on the deal. Take it or leave it.