dealsstar wars qr code pet tags for $11.99 + free…


And psssst! This site is offering a mystery deal today. We can't post those to DW, but you might want to check it out!


@belyndag: Thank you for (not) mentioning the mystery deal. ;-) I LOVE these! Tons of really good stuff!


This item itself seems short-sighted. What are the chances that the person who finds your lost pet has a phone (or other item) that can interpret QR codes? Sure young people assume that everyone has a smartphone because almost all young people have them, but there are plenty of less young people who don't have them or even - gasp - have no cell phone at all.


@lparsons42: LOL! You must know my husband. Actually, he has an iPhone, but refuses to deal with apps. OTOH, looking ahead I suspect scanning apps will become more and more common as time goes on, and soon even Luddites like my DH will embrace technology. (And, hopefully, will quit asking ME to fix his computer!)