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A 16/3 extension cord is NOT heavy duty. It's barely adequate for a small radio. Heavy duty would be 12/3. The higher number 16/3 actually means it has much small wires inside than the smaller number 12/3. If you attached anything serious, such as a large power tool, the 16/3 wire would basically overheat and lower the lifespan of the tool. The mechanism is well known: tinier wires experience what's called "voltage drop" and ends up raising the current (amperage) delivered to the tool. That heats up the tool, lowering its life.

Buy this for extremely TINY uses, such as a small radio. Don't use it for heavy use, such as power tools.


Yep exactly.

Heres a great chart showing the power you can pull safely thorough certain gauge wiring of different lengths.

16 awg is no where near heavy duty. Not by a long shot.


@dove2k: I think 10/3 when I think heavy duty.


I bought a 25ft 16/3 extension from Monoprice and added a generic 1-3 splitter from my local hardware store, it currently holds my Xbox One, 24inch TV, and cablebox, had it this way for about 2 years now (360 back then) and I did this to separate my TV setup from the same outlet as my computer with two monitors and beefy speakers. I know its not ideal but its a far cry from the ten or more devices spliced into a single two socket outlet. I also would never buy into the "heavy duty" PR branding crap. if its heavy duty i will have to work at bending the cable.

I would imagine that they have very stable/consistent power draw and lower than a power tool such as a circular saw or a drill. I would never run those types of things on a cord other than the thick orange outdoor types.

Above mentioned extender for people that need juice somewhere an outlet isn't and don't want to poke holes in walls: