dealssceptre x425bv-fhd 42 class lcd hdtv for $289.99


Reviews on Newegg:

I'm shopping for a tv that'll make a good monitor - I thought 120Hz was the better option for such a purpose. Anyone have any thoughts on this?


I've been eyeing this deal this morning...thinking to buy as gift for my son and his family who still watch tv on a little 20" lcd. Reviews on newegg are mostly favorable where most were amazed to get the tv at $360. The biggest negative is the sound quality = very poor. Tigerdirect's disclaimer on their rebate for this tv states that "... may be paid with a prepaid reward card." That is the biggest negative for me. Yet, as you say......only $289.


Newegg routinely runs this same deal without the hassle of a rebate...just sign up for their emails to get it. we bought one of these about 8 months ago (through Newegg), and love it.


Just got done watching Brave and Avatar bluray this cheap sceptre purchased for Christmas on black friday. I noticed and was bothered by ghosting/blurring (slow response time) but my wife and others did not notice. Otherwise sharp and colorful image, decent sound, usable number of inputs, etc. Everything you want in a cheap TV.

But if you notice little things like the rainbow effect on older DLP projectors, and light ghosting on cheaper TVs during fast action scenes, you will probably notice the same thing on this model. While it's rated for 5ms gray to gray response time, it is still noticeable.

Manual here:

It's good for a cheap, large LCD. If you are a perfectionist, though, you should look elsewhere and expect to spend twice as much.


I'm not sure if it's the same model, but I have a 42" sceptre. I've had to send it back twice (within a year). I don't have the $$ to get a new one, but the tv loses the picture and is completely unwatchable.


It's showing as still in stock.