deals$15 itunes gift card for $7.50 + free shipping


It's too bad it's just for new buyers. Over in the DW Chat-room @carl669 suggested just creating a new account, seems like it would work to me.

Also, @colonelbigred you're on fire this morning! Keep up the great deals, man.


Is it me or is this deal pretty much permanent?

Also, if you look on their site you can get a $15 iTunes gift card plus a $15 site credit for $3 if you're a new member signing up for a Saveology Elite trial. Just spend the $15 and unsubscribe before 48 hours are up.

I have been tempted to do this myself, but I literally can't find $15 worth of stuff I would really use on the site. All the $15 or under stuff is kinda crappy, and everything is overvalued ("$9.98 for 2 foldable water bottles, a $39.98 value!").

Still, for $3...


If only it was an Amazon GC....


It seems to me that you more than pay for the "free $15" with all the hoops you have to jump through, and data you have to give up to them. Not worth the hassle or spam they undoubtedly will be sending.


@cowboydann: It works using different emails and different credit cards. I have done it 4 times with the $3 for $15 GC.


Has anyone really ordered from this site and actually got their item? This deals seems too good to be true and is giving me a vibe.


@joster0902: As I mentioned in the comment above yours, I have done this several times. Once I did this deal, and 3 times I did the $15 GC for $3. I have gotten 3 iTunes GCs, the snore stopper thingies, and the funky nails. I am still waiting on two more items and one GC. The GC comes faster than the merchandise and I only ordered those last week so i am not concerned.